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EU27 trade in goods with the ASEAN countries (2011)

EU27 trade in goods with the ASEAN countries (2011)

EU27 trade in goods with the ASEAN countries (2011)

The graphic represents the exports/imports of EU27 countries to/from each of the ASEAN countries, with a breakdown by SITC (Standard International Trade Classification) product group.
SITC 0, 1: food, drink and tobacco
SITC 6, 8: other manufactured goods
SITC 2, 4: raw materials
SITC 7: machinery and transport equipment
SITC 3: mineral fuels
SITC 5: chemical and related products
SITC 9: other goods
The green part represents exports and the red imports.
For both sections the units used are billion euros, shares of the total of the ASEAN country, and shares of the ASEAN countries in the total trade of the specific SITC product. The share has been calculated based on extra-EU trade, i.e. excluding trade between Member States.

As an example, total EU exports to the ASEAN countries amounted to €69 billion. €27.2 billion of merchandise has been exported to Singapore, with this amount representing 1.74% of total EU exports. In terms of product group, the EU exported €34.8 billion of “machinery and transport equipment” to the ASEAN countries, which represents 5.3% of all EU exports of this product category to the world.
The sum of the SITC product categories are less than the total due to confidentiality reason.
NB Variations between figure 1 and 2 are due to the data coming from different sources and currency conversion.

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