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Corruption perception index (2012)

Corruption perception index (2012)

Corruption perception index (2012)

The corruption perception index (CPI) is prepared by Transparency International (TI) a global network organisation; it includes relevant players from government, civil society, business and the media, and aims to promote transparency, for instance in elections and public administration.
The CPI index measures perceived levels of public-sector corruption in 176 countries around the world. It is an aggregate indicator using data from a number of different sources provided by different institutions. All sources measure the overall extent of corruption (frequency and/or size of bribes) in the public and political sectors. Countries are ranked based on the index that ranges between 0 (highly corrupt) and 100 (very clean). The infographic presents the ranking of the ASEAN countries ordered from the most clean to the highly corrupt.
For comparison reason the top three countries in the EU27 are Denmark, Finland (ranked first equal) and Sweden (rank 4). The worst three are Italy, Bulgaria and Greece (72nd, 75th and 94th rank respectively).

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