EU migrants receiving SNCBs in selected EU Member States, 2012

In most Member States, immigrants are not more intensive users of welfare than nationals. In the case of cash benefits such as social pensions, disability allowances or non-contributory jobseeker’s allowances (falling under SNCBs), the study shows that economically non-active and mobile EU citizens account for a very small proportion of beneficiaries and that the budgetary impact of the claims of this group on national welfare budgets is very low. This group accounts for between 1% and 5% of all SNCB beneficiaries of EU citizenship in only five Member States (Germany, Finland, France, the Netherlands and Sweden), and above 5% only in Belgium and Ireland (figures for Ireland are estimates based on claims). There has been, however, a trend to higher numbers of EU immigrants receiving SNCBs in their host Member State, although total numbers remain small.