EU external trade in IPR-intensive industries

Following the model of the USPTO study, in September 2013 the EPO together with OHIM published an analysis report on the contribution of IPR-intensive industries to economic performance and job growth in the EU-27 (data for Croatia were not available). The report considers that about half of EU industries are IP-intensive (trademark, design, patent, copyright and GIs). It concludes that approximately 56.5 million jobs (or 26% of all jobs in the EU) were generated directly by these industries in the period 2008-10. To these, indirect employment added about 20 million jobs. The added value of IP-intensive industries, namely €4.7 trillion, amounted to around 39% of GDP over the same period. The report also finds that a share representing 88% of EU imports and 90% of EU exports are IPR-intensive.