Share of gross value added (GVA) generated by industry - 2011

In the regions of
Groningen and
Dytiki Makedonia,
GVA generated by
industry was more
than 50%. It was
less than 5% in Inner
London, Ionia
Nisia, and in Ceuta
and Melilla.
Gross value added (GVA) measures the value of goods produced by Industry ,
not including construction. Here it is presented as the share of total GVA
generated by the regional economies, presented at NUTS level 2. The definition
of industry used in this map is aligned with the one used in the study
How can European Industry contribute to Growth and Foster European Competitiveness?,
and in addition to manufacturing it includes a broader set of
activities, such as mining and quarrying, provision of water and energy and
waste management and remediation (sectors B, C, D, E of the nomenclature
of economic activities NACE Rev.2).
Data source: Eurostat