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Exports by product category – 2013

Exports by product category – 2013

Exports by product category - 2013

Manufactured goods exported both to other Member States and outside
the EU, during the month of June 2014, amounted to a total of
more than €82.5 billion.
Taken together, exports of machinery, chemicals and other manufactured
goods represent more than 75% of the value generated by
Member States’ exports both within the EU and to the rest of the
Statistical information is compiled by Eurostat on the basis of Customs (extra-
EU) and Intrastat declarations. Data are aggregated according to the Standard
International Trade Classification.
Exports of machinery and other transport equipment accounted for 40% of
all exports outside the EU. This was the most important export commodity
for tha majority of Member States, with the exception of Belgium and Ireland,
where Chemicals and related products accounted for respectively 29%
and 58% of exports to the rest of the world, Greece where 40% of exports
consisted of mineral fuels, and Bulgaria, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania and Luxembourg
where most exports were classified as other manufactured goods.
Data source: Eurostat

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