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Commissioners, Directorates-General and staff

Commissioners, Directorates-General and staff

Commissioners, Directorates-General and staff

The table shows the current College of Commissioners, the Directorates-General of which they are in charge, and the number of staff under each Commissioner (figures for 2015). The category ‘Commissioners’ private offices’ covers the staff working directly for individual Commissioners in their cabinets.
The bar chart highlights the number of administrators that work for each of the Commissioners. Vice-President Kristalina Georgieva is responsible for almost seven thousand staff, of whom 3 103 are administrators, 1 994 are assistants and 1 825 are contractual agents.
The last four persons listed in the table are Vice-Presidents who do not directly oversee any Directorate-General or service. However, they have private office staff and head project teams.

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