Refugees admitted to Canada in 2014

The resettlement programme combines public and private support in innovative means through its two
components: the Government-Assisted Refugee Program and the Canadian Refugee Sponsorship Program.
Under the first strand, the government bears complete responsibility for refugees (who are referred to it by the UNHCR). This includes providing financial support for a refugee for up to one year or until they become
self-sufficient, and other kinds of assistance. Under
the second strand, the sponsor – in the shape of an organisation or a group of five or more persons sharing responsibility for support – proposes a
refugee for resettlement and provides them with
financial assistance for a limited period (usually a year), as well as social help for integrating in Canada. A third, small group (called ‘blended visa office-referred
refugees’) includes refugees referred to CIC
by the UNHCR and funded jointly by the government and private sponsors.