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SIS alerts on persons

Figure 2 – SIS alerts on persons (in millions)

SIS alerts on persons

Currently, Member States are not obliged to enter alerts on entry bans and return decisions in the SIS. As evidenced by a number of eu-LISA reports, despite an increase in the total number of SIS alerts from 50 million in 2013 to 76.0 million in 2017, the number of alerts on persons remained stable over that period, with 861 900 in 2013 and 896 791 in 2017 (see Figure 2). Available data also suggest that during that period, the distribution of alerts among Member States was uneven. Accordingly, in 2017, three countries generated more than half the total number of alerts: Italy (19 million), Germany (10 million) and France (11 million). The number of searches in the SIS increased from 1.2 billion to 5.1 billion between April 2013 and December 2017. Member States do not use the SIS equally: in 2017, four Member States conducted about half of the searches: France (991 million), Spain (584 million), the UK (541 million) and Germany (497 million).

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