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Data subjects in the EIS (in millions)

Data subjects in the EIS (in millions)

Data subjects in the EIS (in millions)

According to Europol, between 2006 and 2012, the number of objects in the EIS increased from under 50 000 to more than 150 000. In December 2015, the EIS contained information on 295 347 objects and 86 629 suspected criminals (see figure 13). The number of cases of foreign terrorist fighters increased from just 18 in December 2014 to 6 506 in September 2016 (see figure 14). This number more than tripled between December 2015 and September 2016. However, according to a report by the ECTC, Europol’s Focal Point Travellers, which is used to investigate FTF cases, contained only 2 786 verified foreign terrorist fighters. The ECTC noted a discrepancy between the higher number of relevant alerts in the SIS and the limited number of FTF cases in the EIS and Europol’s Focal Point Travellers. In fact, all entries in the SIS II concerning FTF should, by default, be transferred to the EIS and more sensitive additional information should be shared for analysis purposes with Europol’s Focal Point Travellers. According to a note presented by the ECTC in April 2016, more than 90 % of the contributions by Member States regarding verified FTF came from just five member states

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