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The IPA II (2014-2020) financial allocation per country

The IPA II (2014-2020) financial allocation per country

Assistance under the IPA II Regulation (Figure 1) is provided on the basis of country and multi-country indicative strategy papers established for the duration of the current MFF. The strategy papers define the priorities for action in the relevant policy areas. They include the indicative allocation of EU funds per policy area, broken down by year, and indicators for assessing progress on reaching the targets set. These papers are the overarching strategic planning documents from which priorities and objectives of individual programmes derive.
Turkey is by far the largest beneficiary of the IPA II funds (€4 453.9 million for 2014-2020). Its share is bigger than the sum of allocations for all other individual countries. Similarly to other country strategy papers, the biggest share of the allocation for Turkey was earmarked for ‘Reforms in preparation for Union membership’ (€1 581.4 million), covering policy sectors ‘Democracy and governance’ and ‘Rule of law and fundamental rights’. It is followed by ‘Socio-economic and Regional development’ (€1 525.3 million), with policy sectors such as Environment, Transport and Energy, and by ‘Agriculture and rural development’ (€912.2 million)

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