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INSC expenditure in third countries in 2007-2013 (€ million)

INSC expenditure in third countries in 2007-2013 (€ million)

The EU first provided neighbouring countries with nuclear safety assistance via the TACIS programme, which supported reform and development in 11 post-Soviet and post-communist countries during the period 1991-2006. Its nuclear component saw €857 million spent on nuclear safety work outside the EU. The 2007-2013 INSC had a budget of €524 million and supported regulatory and capacity improvements in 21 countries outside the EU in eastern Europe, central, eastern and south-eastern Asia, the Middle East and northern Africa. During the first half of the 2007-2013 MFF, the balance between assistance to countries formerly part of the Soviet Union (FSU) on the one hand, and ‘new’ third countries on the other, was approximately 7:1. In the second half, this balance shifted to 2:1, reflecting the gradual completion of the most urgent safety upgrades in FSU countries.
Funds in the 2014-2020 INSC are allocated in line with annual action programmes (AAP) based on two multiannual indicative programmes, the first of which covers the period from 2014 to 2017. These in turn reflect an INSC strategy paper, which takes as its starting point specific measures set out in Article 3 of the INSC Regulation for each of the three objectives listed above, as well as general support measures for the programme, including audits, evaluations, studies, awareness-raising and publicity measures, and administration.

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