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Youth Unemployment Initiative by country

Youth Unemployment Initiative by country

Table 1 – Youth Unemployment Initiative by country

The Youth Employment Initiative’s main objective is the fight against youth unemployment in the worst-affected EU regions. It targets all people between the ages of 15 and 24 not in employment, education or training (NEETs), with Member States free to decide to extend support to include young persons under the age of 30. Eligible regions are those where the youth unemployment rate for young persons aged 15 to 24 years was higher than 25 % in 2012, or those where youth unemployment rose more than 30 % in 2012, resulting in an unemployment rate higher than 20 %.
Resources are allocated by region, calculating the ratio between the unemployed young persons in every eligible region and the total number of unemployed young persons in all eligible regions. The allocation for each Member State is the sum of the allocations for each of its eligible regions (Regulation (EU) 1303/2013, Annex VIII). The eligible regions and the allocation by country are shown in Table 1 below.

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