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Intra-EU trade 1988-2015 in € billion

Intra-EU trade 1988-2015 in € billion

Figure 2 – Intra-EU trade 1988-2015 in € billion

Some 120 000 officials work for customs authorities across the EU. In 2015, EU customs authorities seized 7 000 weapons and around 3.2 million items of ammunition. More than 450 tonnes of drugs were seized by EU customs authorities in 2014.
Sea transport is the most commonly used form of transport for goods in and out of the EU. It accounted for a 54 % of EU trade in 2014, followed by air transport at 19 %. The customs union provides for the status of Authorised Economic Operators (AEO). AEOs play an increasing role in the supply chain, and are given more favourable treatment in simplification and facilitation areas. There were over 14 000 AEO certificates in the EU at the end of 2015. AEO status can be granted to economic operators who meet criteria specified in customs legislation, such as customs compliance, appropriate record-keeping, financial solvency and, where relevant, appropriate security and safety standards.

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