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Fig 3 – Asylum applicants in the EU

Asylum applicants in the EU-28

Asylum applicants in the EU-28

The bar chart shows the number of asylum applicants in the European Union. ‘Applicants’ refers to anyone applying for asylum or similar protection – as defined in the Qualification Directive – or included in an application as a family member. The table shows the breakdown of those Member States which together represent more than 90% of the total requests for asylum in 2017.
The map shows the relative weight of the number of applicants per million inhabitants in the ‘country of arrival’ (the EU Member State in which asylum has been requested) for the year 2017. The EU average is 1 380 applicants per million inhabitants. The bar below the map shows the range of applicants within the Member States. The horizontal bar chart shows the top 20 countries of origin for the year 2017. The value in parenthesis represents changes with respect to 2016; a positive value shows an increase, negative a decrease (e.g. there was a decrease of 234 000 applicants from Syria in 2017 compared to the year 2016).

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