EU trade with the East African Community (total goods, trade flows and balance), 2006-2016, € million

In 2016, EAC countries accounted for 0.1 % of EU imports and 0.2 % of its exports, whilst the EU represented an important share of EAC trade: 21 % (€2.1 billion) of its exports to the rest of the world and 15 % (€3.7 billion) of its imports. The EAC’s main exports to the EU are agricultural and horticultural products (coffee, cut flowers, tea, tobacco and vegetables) and fish. EAC manufactured products (cement, textiles, steel and plastic products) are mainly exported in Africa, mostly inside the EAC itself (60 %). The EAC’s main imports from the EU are industrial products (vehicles, mechanical appliances) and pharmaceutical products. The United Kingdom alone accounts for 18 % of EAC exports to the EU and 12 % of EAC imports from the EU.