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Support for greater EU financial means, by Member State

Graph 1: Support for greater EU financial means, by Member State

In 2015, support for greater EU financial means across the EU was 37 %, but varied between 65 % in Romania and 18 % in Denmark (see Graph 1). In 2015, 47 % of European citizens thought that the EU’s political objectives did not justify an increase in the EU budget. The significant discrepancy between the opinions of EU citizens from different Member States is not unique to this question. It can be observed more often than not in public opinion research in the EU. The distribution of opinions across the EU does not allow for the creation of homogeneous regional or ‘historical’ groups either. For example, the 2004-entrant Member States, Slovenia and Latvia, demonstrate some of the lowest levels of support for increased EU financial means, whereas Romania demonstrates the highest support across the EU. In 11 Member States, the predominant opinion is that the EU should have greater financial means given its political objectives, i.e. more citizens share this opinion rather than the opinion that political objectives do not justify an increase in the EU budget (excluding citizens who answered ‘do not know’). These countries include Romania, Malta, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, Cyprus, Poland, Ireland, Bulgaria, Estonia and Portugal.

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