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EU budget as good value for money, by Member State

In 2015, the perception of the EU budget as good value for money was shared by 31 % of EU citizens, but varied between 56 % in Croatia and 16 % in France (see Graph 6). In 2015, 43 % of European citizens held the opinion that the EU budget gives poor value for money for EU citizens. Although there is a trend for newer Member States’ citizens to perceive the EU budget as good value for money more frequently than those of ‘old’ Member States, this grouping of opinions is not uniform. For example, Cyprus, a country that joined the EU in 2004, has one of the lowest share of citizens expressing a positive opinion (27 %) and in Ireland, the share is 46 %. In 11 Member States the predominant opinion is that the EU budget does provide good value for money, i.e. more citizens share this opinion than are of the opinion that the budget provides poor value for money (excluding citizens who answered ‘don’t know’). These countries include Croatia, Malta, Romania, Poland, Estonia, Ireland, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Lithuania and Latvia.

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