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EU budget as good value for money, by Member State, change 2011-2015

Looking at the data at Member State level, the intensity of the change in opinion however is very diverse. A more detailed picture can be seen in Graph 8.
During the 2011-2015 period, there are some significant changes within certain Member States. The Member States with the most significant increase in the share of citizens perceiving the EU budget as good value for money is registered in Malta – a 28 percentage point increase between 2011 and 2015. It is followed by Romania (19 percentage point increase) and Ireland (17 percentage point increase). The opposite shift of opinion, a decreasing share of citizens who perceive the EU budget as good value for money is observed in only nine of the 28 Member States. In five of them, the negative change seen is marginal. The most significant it is in Cyprus (15 percentage point decrease) and Belgium (10 percentage point decrease). The data demonstrate that further research is needed on the factors that influence the support for greater EU financial means in each Member State.

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