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types of policies pursued in the eu

Types of policies pursued in the EU

Figure 5 – Types of policies pursued in the EU

The second group consists of countries in which gender equality is part of long-term cultural policies seeking to encourage diversity in general and aiming to achieve a fundamental change in society as a whole. These policies do not have any quantifiable objectives, but rather aim to raise awareness on the issue.
A good example in this regard is the amended German Federal Film Funding Act (2017), which contains a general paragraph on gender equality and the composition of committees. However, it does not set mandatory quantifiable objectives and in this sense is more of a long-term incentivising policy. The policies of two other EU countries – Croatia and Portugal – fall in this group, together with the gender equality policies and measures advocated by the EU.
Finally, some countries do not have specific policies in favour of women filmmakers. These include Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and Finland.

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