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Figure 6 – Frequency of mention of topics

Frequency of mention of topics

Figure 6 – Frequency of mention of topics

Also when comparing the policy attention given to each topic, it is possible to see a correlation between the frequency with which each topic was mentioned and the attention dedicated to it.
Of the policy areas raised, migration was the only one mentioned by every speaker. Other prominent policy areas were climate (90 % of all Heads of State or Government), MFF (85 %) and defence (85 %). By comparison, policy areas that were mentioned less often were development policy (20 %), transport (20 %), as well as food and health (5 %). When looking at the average attention received by each topic raised, Figure 5 shows that migration, social policy, the MFF, and defence were the topics that on average received the most attention. Transport, the EU elections, energy, and education and culture received the least attention from speakers on average.

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