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CSDP missions and operations Force generation and contribution against Covid-19

CSDP missions and operations Force generation and contribution against Covid-19

EUMM Georgia: support for initial confidence-building efforts between de facto and Tbilisi-administered Territory (TAT) healthcare professionals (with the UN), exploring ways of supporting further cross-Administrative Boundary Line transfers of medical equipment and supplies from TAT to Abkhazia under the auspices of its Confidence Building Facility.
EUAM Ukraine: provision of means of protection (e.g. gloves, face masks and sanitiser) to relevant law enforcement agencies in coordination with partners; organised webinars on best practices.
EULEX Kosovo: repatriation of Kosovo citizens stranded in Poland and Czechia; donated IT equipment to the Kosovo Correctional Service to help increase phone and virtual access for inmates and to facilitate virtual meetings of the correctional service staff; donated IT equipment to the Pristina municipality, which will be distributed to children in need of electronic devices to follow online school classes during the pandemic; supported local institutions’ and NGOs’ efforts to raise awareness of the increased number of domestic violence cases and ways to report it during the pandemic.
EUAM Iraq: support for Ministry of Interior in liaison with the WHO which provided the MoI with guidance and web-based training in order to enhance the response of the Iraqi security forces on Covid-19.
EUBAM Libya: in the process of acquisition and preparation of a package of protection items (masks, disposable gloves and hand sanitiser) for the Ministry of Interior.
EUPOL COPPS: donation of personal protective equipment and sanitisers worth € 60 000 to the Palestinian Civil Police (PCP) at the request of the PCP and enabled by reallocating resources from training programmes that had to be postponed due to the pandemic. The Mission is planning a further donation for the Palestinian justice institutions and is also supporting the PCP in raising awareness about a new telephone hotline to report gender-based violence in response to the increase in domestic violence cases caused by the lockdown.
EUBAM Rafah: donation of a portable rapid deployable thermal imaging system, which was installed on the border with Jordan and which will help identify whether people crossing the border have a fever; the scanner is connected to the General Administration for Borders and Crossings (GABC) Command and Control Centre. The mobile clinic, that was donated by EUBAM Rafah, is now being used as a screening station for travellers arriving into the West Bank.
EUCAP Sahel Niger: plans to assist in delivery of equipment (including respirators and protective attire and consumables) to the Nigerian National Health Service by air; consultation of the Internal Security Forces (ISF) on their additional needs in sanitary and other equipment vis-à-vis the prevention of Covid-19; preparing support for the ISF with masks, hydro-alcoholic gel and thermometers and financial support for fuel to keep up patrols in the face of Covid-19; preparation of a public awareness raising project in collaboration with the Nigerian National Youth Council and the ISF to promote health and security instructions to prevent the further spread of the disease.
EUCAP Sahel Mali: provision of draft guidelines on social distancing and protective measures for the use of the Malian Security Forces to support safe contacts and interactions with the local population; production of training videos on the curfew; producing 25 000 masks to be donated to local partners.
EUCAP Somalia: donation of video communication equipment for the Interpol National Central Bureau (NCB); installation of permanent hand-washing facilities in all Mogadishu police stations; provision of fuel for operational and inter-agency coordination activities in Mogadishu and Berbera; implementation of virtual courtrooms in Garowe (Puntland) and Mogadishu; the printing of information messages to raise public awareness on basic prevention measures; procurement of medical supplies (face masks and gloves).
EUTM Somalia: Provision of advice to the medical team of the Somali army on how to deal with Covid-19 emergencies.
EUFOR Althea: Deployment of two additional medical doctors to assist medical staff in local BiH hospitals for a three-month period.
As of 30 May 2020.

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