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Alternative fuel infrastructure

Alternative fuel infrastructure, EU-27

Figure 1: Alternative fuel infrastructure, EU-27

In the Green Deal, the Commission noted that one million public recharging and refuelling stations in the EU will be needed by 2025 for the 13 million zero- and low-emission vehicles expected on European roads. Clean transport campaigners have stated that, across the EU, 1.3 million public charging points are needed in 2025 and 3 million in 2030. By comparison, according to the European Alternative Fuels Observatory, just over 167 000 publicly accessible recharging points for electric vehicles, 3 727 LNG/CNG refuelling points and 113 refuelling points for hydrogen vehicles were available in 2019, with a doubling of charging stations and threefold increase in hydrogen stations between 2016 and 2019 (see Figure 1, left). Whereas some Member States have developed their electricity recharging infrastructure, others have focussed on CNG/LNG filling stations, and there are substantial differences between Member States in regard to available infrastructure (see Figure 1, right).

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