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Recovery and Resilience Facility

Figure 25 – Recovery and Resilience Facility: National allocations for grants

Figure 25 – Recovery and Resilience Facility: National allocations for grants

The RRF will be the main implementing tool for the recovery instrument, channelling 80 % of NGEU grants and all NGEU loans. RRF spending will total €672.5 billion over the 2021-2023 period if Member States decide to use the loan component fully. To use these resources, Member States are to prepare national recovery and resilience plans with a coherent package of investments and reforms, taking into account the country-specific recommendations of the European Semester. Each plan should address issues that require significant investment to create jobs and growth, and earmark at least 37 % of the resources for the green transition and at least 20 % for the digital transformation. The Commission has encouraged national authorities to focus their plans on seven flagship areas: clean technologies and renewables; energy efficiency of buildings; sustainable transport and charging stations; rapid broadband services; digitalisation of public administration; data cloud capacities and sustainable processors; and education and training to support digital skills. Once the plans are approved by the Council, Member States will receive 13 % of the amount in pre-financing, with a view to ensuring that the flow of resources for the recovery start immediately. Subsequent payments will be linked to the achievement of milestones and targets

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