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Institutional framework

Institutional framework

Figure 2 – Institutional framework

The governance of the Agreement is covered in two titles. Part One, Title III sets up the institutional framework that governs the TCA. It establishes the Partnership Council, which will oversee the implementation and application of the agreement. This council is composed of representatives of the EU and the UK, and will be co-chaired by a member of the European Commission and a representative of the UK government at ministerial level. The Partnership Council will be assisted by the Trade Partnership Committee, which will supervise the work of the ten Trade Specialised Committees with specific areas of competence, including goods, customs cooperation and rules of origin, and the level playing field. The Trade Partnership Committee will also have the power to dissolve trade specialised committees or establish other committees. In addition, eight (non-trade) specialised committees are planned in relation to other chapters, including energy, aviation safety, transport, law enforcement and judicial cooperation, and participation in Union programmes. Committees will monitor the implementation of the agreement and assist the Partnership Council, and may also adopt decisions or make recommendations. Finally, the TCA establishes four working groups; three of which (on organic products, motor vehicles and parts, and medicinal products), are supervised by the Special Committee on Technical Barriers to Trade. The working group on social security coordination will be supervised by the Specialised Committee on social security coordination

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