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The von der Leyen Commission’s six priorities: Legislative delivery to 31 August 2021

The von der Leyen Commission's six priorities: Legislative delivery to 31 August 2021

This EPRS paper analyses progress in attaining the policy agenda set out by Ursula von der Leyen, President of the European Commission, and her College of Commissioners when they took office in December 2019. It looks in particular at the state of play in respect of delivery on the six key priorities asserted at that time. Concretely, EPRS finds that, following the July 2021 plenary session, of the nearly 400 initiatives foreshadowed by the von der Leyen Commission on taking office or since (406), just over half have already been submitted (212). Of these, almost half have already been adopted (101), while the great majority of the remainder are either proceeding normally in the legislative process (76) or are close to adoption (10). Conversely, a certain number are proceeding very slowly or are currently blocked (25). While the Commission’s first priority, the European Green Deal, ranks highest in the number of initiatives announced (90), its third priority, ‘An economy that works for people’, has the highest number so far actually adopted (29). Further details of the state of play on the various EU legislative proposals tabled by the Commission, including all those mentioned in this paper, can be found in the European Parliament’s ‘Legislative Train Schedule’ website, which has also been developed by EPRS.

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