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2022 EU budget commitments

2022 EU budget (commitments, € billion, current prices)

2022 EU budget (commitments, € billion, current prices)

On 12 October 2021, the Commission adopted Amending Letter 1/2022 (AL 1/2022) to the draft general budget for 2022. This increased the draft budget by €1.24 billion (+0.7 %) in commitment appropriations and by €1.23 billion (+0.7 %) in payment appropriations. Following the political agreement on the Brexit Adjustment Reserve, the Commission proposed to integrate its pre-financing (€1.3 billion) in the 2022 budget. It also proposed to continue supporting refugees from the Syria conflict in Turkey by reinforcing the Instrument for Pre-Accession assistance (IPA) with €71 million in additional commitments, and €265 million in additional payments under humanitarian aid. It included, as usual, updated estimates for expenditure on the common agricultural policy (CAP) and for the sustainable fisheries partnership agreements, and adjusted the payments (-€216 million) for the ‘digital Europe’ programme to take into account delays in implementation. The contribution made by the Instrument for Pre-accession Assistance (IPA III) to Erasmus+ was reduced. The revenue side of the budget was updated regarding non-recycled plastic packaging waste, decreasing the contribution forecast by €2.3 million, to almost €6 billion. The European Parliament position, compared with the Commission’s updated proposal, was still €2.7 billion higher (Figure 10).

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