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RRF in figures State of play at the end of December 2021

RRF in figures: State of play at the end of December 2021

RRF in figures: State of play at the end of December 2021

By the end of 2021, based on the Commission’s positive assessment, the Council had approved 22 plans for an overall amount of €291.2 billion in grants (86 % of the maximum available) and €153.9 billion in loans (40 % of maximum available) (see Figure 38). On 3 August 2021, the first payments in the form of pre-financing, i.e. with no need to fulfil any extra conditions (13 % of the approved national envelope), were transferred to Belgium, Luxemburg and Portugal. By the end of 2021, the Commission had paid out a total of €54.3 billion in pre-financing to 20 Member States. The transfer to Finland is expected at the beginning of 2022, while Ireland did not ask for the pre-financing.
In line with the RRF Regulation, the measures included in the NRRPs focus on six priority areas (see Section 7.2) While two of them are earmarked with a compulsory, minimum target (37 % for green transition and 20 % for digital transformation), the Member States were free to decide how they allocated the rest of the resources among the RRF priority areas. All Member States exceeded one or both expenditure targets. For example, Germany is going to spend 42.6 % of its funding on the green transition and 52.7 % on digital measures, Belgium has dedicated 50 % of the allocation to climate action, and Lithuania 31.5 % to digital.

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