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Europe’s market shares in chips

Europe’s market shares in chips production for different sectors

Europe's market shares in chips production for different sectors

The development and production of semiconductor components in the EU is concentrated mainly in Germany, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Belgium and Ireland. EU companies supply the automotive, industrial automation, security and healthcare sectors, as well as aeronautics, energy production and telecommunications, with significant market shares in some industries (Figure 4). In December 2018, the Commission approved an important project of common European interest (IPCEI ), involving five Member States until 2024, to support the development of innovative microelectronics (such as energy efficient chips) with €1.75 billion from Member States and €6 billion from the private sector. Furthermore, in December 2021 a new IPCEI on microelectronics was put forward by Germany on behalf of 20 Member States, in the context of the EU’s recovery plan. This IPCEI is intended to support investment in industrial capacity at all the choke points in the supply chain. It has not yet been approved by the Commission.

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