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Number of Schengen visas

Number of Schengen visas issued at consulates in 2020-2021

Russian nationals have been the largest group benefiting from Schengen visas in recent years. According to European Commission data, in 2020-2021 the Member States’ consulates in Russia issued almost a quarter of the volume of Schengen visas issued worldwide (see Figure 1). The share was even higher in 2019, when the Member States’ consulates in Russia issued 5.2 million Schengen visas out of a total of 19.9 million globally. The Member States that issued the largest share of Schengen visas in their consulates in Russia in 2021 were Greece (33%), Spain (13%), and Italy (12%) (see Figure 2). In 2020, the highest number of Schengen visas issued in Russia were issued by the consulates of Finland (about 771 000), Spain (about 553 000), and Italy (about 548 000).

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