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Beef and veal (million tonnes)

EU exports: Beef and veal (million tonnes)

In 2021, the total amount of exported beef (excluding fats) was a little over 1 million tonnes in carcass weight equivalent (CWE) – a decrease of 9.8 % compared with the previous year. Of this, 33.5 % (over 344 000 tonnes) was exported to the UK; the drop in exports in 2021 was caused mainly by reduced exports to the UK.
The value of exported beef (excluding fats) for 2021 stood at €3.8 billion, 38.6 % of which (around €1.5 billion) was represented by the UK. While the volume of beef decreased by 9.8 %, its value grew by 2.9 % compared with the previous year. The increase came from Israel (+1.4 %), Japan (+1.4 %), Bosnia-Herzegovina (+0.7 %) and Norway (+0.6 %).

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