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EU imports of beef and veal

EU imports: Beef and veal (million tonnes)

In 2021, the EU imported 308 882 tonnes of beef in CWE, a decrease of 10.3 % since the previous year. In carcass weight, the first trading partner is the UK, which accounts for 28.3 % of the beef, immediately followed by South American countries, accounting all together for 57.1 % of beef imports into the EU: Brazil (26.4 %), Argentina (16.9 %), and Uruguay (13.8 %) (Figure 6).
In terms of value, in 2021, the EU imported around €1.8 billion worth of beef, which represents a 2.1 % decrease since the previous year. Brazil and Argentina alone account for almost 44 % of the value of imported beef; the UK is the third trade partner, followed by Uruguay, the US and Australia.

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