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Tourism and the EU

The first week of July has been very busy with the constitutive session of the eighth European Parliament term and we will keep this pace up next week too. However, for many people, this period of the year coincides with the kick-off of holiday season. At the European Parliament Research Service (EPRS) we celebrate this … Continue reading

The Added Value of EU policy for Airline services and air passenger rights

Updated on 07 July 2014 Over the last three decades, the institutions of the European Union have played a crucial role in developing a functioning single market for air passenger services in Europe. Specific policies have been pursued at European level to open up the previously fragmented and largely protected national aviation markets which existed … Continue reading

Air passenger rights

6 language versions available in PDF format Fluggastrechte Derechos de los pasajeros del transporte aéreo Les droits des passagers aériens Diritti dei passeggeri aerei Prawa pasażerów lotniczych Air passenger rights Airlines often fail to offer passengers the rights to which they are entitled to in cases of denied boarding, long delays, cancellations or mishandled baggage. … Continue reading

Environmental assessment: not only numbers count!

In its ruling of 21 March 2013, the Court of Justice decided that  national legislation is contrary to EU law in that, when an airport is modified, it provides for an environmental assessment only for projects likely to increase the number of air traffic movements by at least 20 000 per year. Projects likely to … Continue reading

EU wants new and better air passenger rights

On 13 March 2013 the European Commission announced a package of measures to ensure that air passengers have new and better rights to information, care and re-routing when they are stranded at the airport. At the same time there will be better complaint procedures and enforcement measures so passengers can actually obtain the rights to … Continue reading

Eyjafjallajökull volcano: not so extraordinary after all!

Remember April 2010? Remember Eyjafjallajökull? Millions of travellers stranded on airports all over the world? Who was going to pay for all this? Did the volcano eruption exempt air carriers from all responsibility? The Court of Justice didn’t think so… In its decision of 31 january 2013, the Court of Justice ruled that an air … Continue reading

CJEU clarifies rules on airline liability for lost baggage

It is not unusual for families or groups of friends taking a flight to check in their baggage together. The sight of a group of travellers opening their suitcases just in front of the check-in desk and trying to redistribute their belongings amongst themselves in order to meet the airline’s weight limit is not uncommon … Continue reading

The allocation of airport slots in the EU

6 language versions available in PDF format Zuweisung von Zeitnischen auf Flughäfen in der EU La asignación de franjas horarias en los aeropuertos de la UE L’attribution des créneaux horaires dans les aéroports de l’Union L’assegnazione di bande orarie negli aeroporti dell’UE Przydzielanie czasu na start lub lądowanie w UE The allocation of airport slots … Continue reading

Travel agents may not automatically include insurance

A travel agent may not automatically include travel insurance when selling airline tickets. Such “optional extras” may only be offered on an “opt-in” basis. The EU Court of Justice followed its advocate-general, Jan Mazák, in the presentation of his conclusion in the case (C-112/11) which opposed a German consumer protection association and, which operates an … Continue reading

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