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What if AI could make the agri-food sector more resilient? [Science and Technology podcast]

STOA study on auditing the quality of datasets used in algorithmic decision-making systems

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STOA study on the ethical and societal challenges of the approaching technological storm

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Defending academic freedom in Europe: Call for action

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New STOA study ‘Carbon-free steel: Cost reduction options and usage of existing gas infrastructure’

What if objects around us flocked together and became intelligent? [Science and Technology podcast]

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Prioritising ethical principles in the governance of disruptive technologies

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STOA delegation virtual visit to the Joint Research Centre (JRC) site in Ispra, Italy

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STOA Workshop ‘Decarbonising European industry: hydrogen and other solutions’

What if AI took care of traffic as well as driving? [Science and Technology podcast]

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STOA and the OECD Global Parliamentary Network join forces to promote trustworthy and human-centred AI