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STOA releases its second series of podcasts on artificial intelligence, in partnership with the OECD Global Parliamentary Network

What if AI could make the agri-food sector more resilient? [Science and Technology podcast]

BLOG 6 months ago

STOA study on auditing the quality of datasets used in algorithmic decision-making systems

BLOG 6 months ago

STOA study on the ethical and societal challenges of the approaching technological storm

Ensuring the safety of machines in the digital age: Revision of the Machinery Directive [EU Legislation in Progress]

What if we sequenced all human genomes? [Science and Technology podcast]

Artificial intelligence act and regulatory sandboxes

BLOG 8 months ago

STOA study on diverging obligations facing public and private sector applications of artificial intelligence

BLOG 8 months ago

STOA study on the use of artificial intelligence in workplace management [Science and Technology Podcast]

What if AI regulation promoted innovation? [Science and Technology podcast]

BLOG 9 months ago

European Parliament plenary session – May I 2022

What if machines made fairer decisions than humans? [Science and Technology podcast]

Investigation into the potential of artificial intelligence in the digital age

BLOG, Events 11 months ago

Ethical issues in the Covid-19 pandemic: Digital health applications

Artificial intelligence act [EU Legislation in Progress][Policy Podcast]

BLOG, Events 1 year ago

All-encompassing transformation, creative AI and superhumans: How will AI change humanity?

BLOG 1 year ago

European Parliament Plenary Session October I, 2021

Regulating facial recognition in the EU

What if deepfakes made us doubt everything we see and hear? [Science and Technology podcast]

BLOG 1 year ago

Innovative technologies shaping the 2040 battlefield

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