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What if AI could make the agri-food sector more resilient? [Science and Technology podcast]

STOA study on auditing the quality of datasets used in algorithmic decision-making systems

BLOG 2 months ago

STOA study on the ethical and societal challenges of the approaching technological storm

Ensuring the safety of machines in the digital age: Revision of the Machinery Directive [EU Legislation in Progress]

What if we sequenced all human genomes? [Science and Technology podcast]

Artificial intelligence act and regulatory sandboxes

BLOG 4 months ago

STOA study on diverging obligations facing public and private sector applications of artificial intelligence

BLOG 4 months ago

STOA study on the use of artificial intelligence in workplace management

What if AI regulation promoted innovation? [Science and Technology podcast]

BLOG 5 months ago

European Parliament plenary session – May I 2022

What if machines made fairer decisions than humans? [Science and Technology podcast]

Investigation into the potential of artificial intelligence in the digital age

BLOG, Events 7 months ago

Ethical issues in the Covid-19 pandemic: Digital health applications

Artificial intelligence act [EU Legislation in Progress][Policy Podcast]

BLOG, Events 12 months ago

All-encompassing transformation, creative AI and superhumans: How will AI change humanity?

BLOG 12 months ago

European Parliament Plenary Session October I, 2021

Regulating facial recognition in the EU

What if deepfakes made us doubt everything we see and hear? [Science and Technology podcast]

BLOG 1 year ago

Innovative technologies shaping the 2040 battlefield

BLOG 1 year ago

New STOA study on deepfakes and European policy

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