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The latest on Russia’s war on Ukraine [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Corporate sustainability due diligence: Could value chains integrate human rights and environmental concerns? [EU Legislation in Progress]

Proposal to amend Directive (EU) 2019/1153: Single access point to bank account registries [EU Legislation in Progress]

Textiles and the environment

The EU’s zero pollution ambition: Moving towards a non-toxic environment

Towards new rules for European elections? [EU Legislation in Progress]

EU gas storage and LNG capacity as responses to the war in Ukraine

New EU regulation on gas storage [EU Legislation in Progress]

Temporary protection directive [Policy Podcast]

Nutrient profiles: A ‘farm to fork’ strategy initiative takes shape

Revision of the Schengen Borders Code [EU Legislation in Progress]

Human development in Putin’s Russia: What the data tell us

Article 17 TFEU: Dialogue with churches, and religious and philosophical organisations

The Ukraine war and energy supply [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Russia’s war on Ukraine: Speeches by Ukraine’s President to the European Parliament and national parliaments

China-Russia relations: A quantum leap?

EU-China ties and Russia’s war on Ukraine [What Think Tanks are thinking]

EU taxonomy: Delegated acts on climate, and nuclear and gas [Policy Podcast]


Outcome of the meetings of EU leaders, 24‑25 March 2022

Inflation in the wake of coronavirus and war [What Think Tanks are thinking]

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