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EU relations with Iran

Proposal amending the Solvency II Directive [EU Legislation in Progress]

A Union certification framework for carbon removals [EU Legislation in Progress]

Tax transparency rules for crypto-asset transactions (DAC8) [EU Legislation in Progress]

International trade [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Geographical indications for wine, spirit drinks and agricultural products [EU Legislation in Progress]

The EU’s energy markets [What Think Tanks are thinking]

EU-US climate and energy relations in light of the Inflation Reduction Act

Revision of Council Directive 94/80/EC: Electoral rights of mobile Union citizens in municipal elections [EU Legislation in Progress]

30 years of the European single market

The Global Gateway: Taking stock after its first year

European defence industry reinforcement through common procurement act (EDIRPA) [EU Legislation in Progress]

Revision of Directive 2011/98/EU on the single permit to reside and work [EU Legislation in Progress]

Taking stock of progress towards the European education area

Latest on Russia’s war on Ukraine [What Think Tanks are thinking]

David Maria Sassoli (1956-2022): President of the European Parliament 2019-2022

Priority dossiers under the Swedish EU Council Presidency

2022: The year that shook the world [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Insurance recovery and resolution directive [EU Legislation in Progress]


Outcome of the European Council meeting of 15 December 2022

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