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Citizens’ enquiries to the European Parliament in 2019

Throughout 2019, people from across the EU and the world addressed the European Parliament to request information, express opinions or suggest ideas on a wide range of topics. The Citizens’ Enquiries Unit (Ask EP) provides them with clear answers on the issues they raise. Continue reading

European Parliament Plenary Session, March II 2019

European citizens are running out of patience with companies and people who do not pay their fair share of the taxes that support services for everyone. The agenda for Parliament’s second plenary session of March opens with a debate on Monday evening on the report of Parliament’s TAX3 Special Committee on the progress made and the work still to do to tackle financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance. Continue reading

EU policies – Delivering for citizens: Digital transformation [Policy Podcast]

A digital revolution is transforming the world as we know it at unprecedented speed. Digital technologies have changed the way businesses operate, how people connect and exchange information, and how they interact with the public and private sectors. Continue reading

New rules on copyright in the digital single market

Technological advances and the growth of the digital market have given rise to an ever-growing number of questions from the public concerning the new proposals to modernise EU copyright rules. Continue reading

An EU intellectual property policy to boost innovation

Intellectual property (IP) lies at the heart of innovation and competitiveness around the world as well as in the European Union, and intellectual property rights (IPRs) are protected mainly through patents, trade marks and copyright. IPRs enable individuals and companies to earn recognition and/or financial benefit from what they invent or create. By striking the right balance between innovators and public interest, IP aims to foster an environment in which creativity and innovation can flourish. Continue reading

Freedom of panorama

Updated on 09 August 2016. Written by Helmut Masson and Sarah Watson, Creative works, including buildings, sculptures or street art are, as a matter of principle, subject to copyright protection under EU law. However, Article 5(2)(h) of the 2001 Copyright Directive states that Member States may limit copyright for the use of such works located … Continue reading

Review of the EU copyright Framework: European Implementation Assessment

Written by Stéphane Reynolds This ‘European Implementation Assessment’ study aims to provide briefing for the Committee on Legal Affairs (JURI) ahead of the publication of the Commission’s legislative proposals concerning the modernisation of the EU copyright framework, which are expected towards the end of 2015. Its objective is to help JURI Members achieve a better … Continue reading

EU copyright reform: Revisiting the principle of territoriality

Written by Tambiama Madiega Copyright protection is territorial since rights are normally acquired and enforced on a country-by-country basis, and exceptions and limitations to copyright protection vary from one Member State to another. However, the new digital environment increasingly characterised by the use of the internet to deliver content across borders has an impact on … Continue reading

EP’s last plenary session: heating up for the summer

Written by Tessa Tumbrägel Parliament is gearing up for the last plenary session before the summer recess, taking place in Strasbourg from 6-9 July. Items on the agenda include circular economy and green jobs, TTIP, the EU Emissions Trading System, copyright harmonisation, the 2016 budget and external affairs. MEPs will also have the opportunity to quiz … Continue reading

Tune in to the new EPRS plenary podcasts

Written by Tessa Tumbrägel Starting today, you can tune in to the new ‘EPRS plenary podcast’ series and let us walk you through a selection of fresh briefing materials on Parliament’s monthly plenary sessions in Strasbourg, all in a few minute’s listening. Based on our ‘Plenary At A Glance’ notes, which are written by EPRS … Continue reading

The challenges of copyright in the EU

Written by Ivana Katsarova Despite over a century of international harmonisation, copyright law remains essentially national law, even though some fundamental copyright norms are gradually converging. Today, copyright is regulated at international level mainly through the Bern Convention, the Universal Copyright Convention, and a series of other treaties administered by the World Intellectual Property Organization. … Continue reading

Science, technology and innovation policy

How are science and technology used outside research, and how can research foster innovation in Europe? These questions are particularly relevant in the light of the Europe 2020 strategy seeking to bring Europe out of the economic crisis, which aims to increase the proportion of Europe’s GDP spent on research and development from 2% to … Continue reading

Adapting the EU copyright rules to the digital transformation

The initiative to modernise the EU copyright framework was launched in May 2011 in the European Commission’s strategy on “A Single Market for Intellectual Property Rights” and pursuant to actions in the Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe. In December 2012, the Commission then published a “Communication on Content in the Digital Single Market” in which it aims … Continue reading

Customs enforcement of intellectual property rights

During the past ten years the number of shipments detained due to suspected infringement of intellectual property rights (IPR) has been rising sharply. To prevent counterfeits from entering the EU market, the European Commission (EC) has proposed to revise existing customs regulation by broadening its scope and simplifying procedures for their destruction. Facts and figures … Continue reading

Collective management of copyright and related rights in the EU

Updated on 27 November 2013 As the owner of copyright or related rights, the creator of a work can exercise his right in person. However, nowadays, individual management of rights is not only impractical, but also almost impossible. This impracticability can be surmounted by using collective management organisations. These organisations negotiate with users or groups … Continue reading

Collective rights management of online music

The Commission proposed in July 2012 a Directive which contains general provisions on collective rights management for all sectors, and specific provisions for multi-territorial licensing of online music. Looking at the current state of the digital music market, although it is growing steadily, consumers still generally do not have broad access to different repertoires. There … Continue reading

What is a book loan…legally speaking?

What is a book loan…legally speaking? As libraries we know that information is primordial and precious. Without information there would be neither advances in science and medicine, nor innovations in business and technology and no achievements in education and the arts. The cost of research, writing and editing is substantial and the results of sometimes … Continue reading

The Resale Right Directive

6 language versions available in pdf format Die Richtlinie über das Folgerecht Directiva relativa al derecho de participación La directive relative au droit de suite La direttiva relativa al diritto sulle successive vendite Dyrektywa w sprawie prawa do wynagrodzenia z tytułu odsprzedaży The Resale Right Directive In 2011 the global art and antique trade was … Continue reading

Orphan Works

Large-scale initiatives to digitise the collections of libraries have raised the problem of rights related to “orphan works” – those for which rights-holders cannot be identified or found. The Commission has proposed a Directive which seeks to find a balance between protecting potential rights-holders and facilitating certain uses of orphan works in the internal market. … Continue reading

“Second-hand Software” – European Court of Justice permits resale of software licences

On 3 July 2012, the Court of Justice of the European Union ruled in a landmark judgment that a purchaser of a license to download a software copy can re-sell this license to a third person (Case C-128/11). The Court has clarified that it makes no difference for resale whether the software is bought in … Continue reading

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