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‘State of the EU’ to the fore [September plenary session]

Written by Mitja Brus Jean-Claude Juncker’s ‘State of the Union’ (#SOTEU) address to the European Parliament will feature in the first EP plenary session after the summer recess. On Wednesday 9 September at 9am he will make his first such address as President of the European Commission. For this major event we will soon publish … Continue reading

EP’s last plenary session: heating up for the summer

Written by Tessa Tumbrägel Parliament is gearing up for the last plenary session before the summer recess, taking place in Strasbourg from 6-9 July. Items on the agenda include circular economy and green jobs, TTIP, the EU Emissions Trading System, copyright harmonisation, the 2016 budget and external affairs. MEPs will also have the opportunity to quiz … Continue reading

Economic issues at the top of EP’s June II plenary agenda

Written by Tessa Tumbrägel Economic and budgetary affairs will be the focus of Parliament’s next mini-plenary session taking place on Wednesday 24 June in Brussels. The preparations of the 25-26 June European Council meeting will be the first item on the agenda. During the meeting, leaders will discuss a variety of topics, ranging from migration and … Continue reading

ECB Annual Report 2013

Written by Angelos Delivorias 6 language versions available in PDF format Jahresbericht 2013 der EZB Informe anual de 2013 del BCE Rapport annuel 2013 de la BCE Relazione annuale BCE 2013 Roczne sprawozdanie EBC za rok 2013 ECB Annual Report 2013 The European Central Bank has to present an annual report each year covering the … Continue reading

The first plenary session of 2015

Written by Nicole Zandi MEPs will head to Strasbourg for the first plenary session of the year, to be held between 12 and 15 January. There is still little legislative work on the agenda, as the new Commission settles into its new term, yet a variety of topics have been scheduled for discussion. On Monday, … Continue reading

Parliamentary questions

Parliamentary questions, and the subsequent replies of the other EU institutions, are a rich source of information for citizens. Available in pdf in 3 language versions: Parlamentarische Anfragen Questions parlamentaires Parliamentary questions Parliamentary questions are questions addressed by Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) to other European Union institutions and bodies. They are a direct form … Continue reading

20th UN Climate Change Conference in Lima

Written by Gregor Erbach 6 language versions available in PDF format 20. Konferenz der Vereinten Nationen über den Klimawandel, Lima Vigésima Conferencia de las Naciones Unidas sobre el Cambio Climático, Lima 20è conférence des Nations unies sur le changement climatique à Lima 20a conferenza ONU a Lima sui cambiamenti climatici 20. konferencja ONZ w sprawie … Continue reading

Child under-nutrition in developing countries

Written by Jacques Lecarte 6 language versions available in PDF format Unterernährung von Kindern in Entwicklungsländern Desnutrición infantil en los países en desarrollo Sous-alimentation infantile dans les pays en développement La denutrizione infantile nei paesi in via di sviluppo Niedożywienie dzieci w krajach rozwijających się Child under-nutrition in developing countries With 3.1 million child deaths … Continue reading

Implementation of the Employment Equality Directive

Written by Martina Prpic 6 language versions available in PDF format Umsetzung der Richtlinie über die Gleichbehandlung in Beschäftigung und Beruf Aplicación de la Directiva relativa a la igualdad de trato en el empleo Mise en œuvre de la directive sur l’égalité en matière d’emploi Attuazione della direttiva sulla parità in materia di occupazione Wdrażanie dyrektywy … Continue reading

Employment and social aspects of the Europe 2020 strategy

Written by Marie Lecerf 6 language versions available in PDF format Beschäftigungsbezogene und soziale Aspekte der Strategie Europa 2020 Empleo y aspectos sociales de la Estrategia Europa 2020 Emploi et aspects sociaux de la stratégie Europe 2020 Aspetti occupazionali e sociali della strategia UE 2020 Zatrudnienie i społeczne aspekty strategii „Europa 2020” Employment and social … Continue reading

UN Convention on Children’s Rights: 25 years on

Written by Naja Bentzen 6 language versions available in PDF format 25 Jahre Übereinkommen der Vereinten Nationen über die Rechte des Kindes Convención de las Naciones Unidas sobre los Derechos del Niño: 25 aniversario Convention des Nations unies relatives aux droits de l’enfant: 25 ans plus tard Convenzione delle Nazioni Unite sui diritti dell’infanzia: a 25 … Continue reading

La violence à l’égard des enfants dans l’UE: État des lieux

Written by Anna Dimitrova-Stull This In-Depth Analysis is available in 2 other language versions: Violence towards children in the EU : Current situation Gewalt gegen Kinder in der EU : Wo stehen wir heute? L’enfant est un être humain avec des droits et une dignité. Les droits des enfants sont des droits humains. En raison de leur fragilité et vulnérabilité, les … Continue reading

Topics and links – October 2014

Update: This post is available in more EU languages – please see at the bottom of this post. In this issue: Hearings of the new Commissioners, EP debate on fundamental rights in Hungary, ‘Thousand-cow farm’ project in France, Turkey and the situation of Kurds in Kobane, EU relations with Russia and Ukraine, winter time. This month, … Continue reading

Implementation of the 2014 European Semester

6 language versions available in PDF formatDurchführung des Europäischen Semesters 2014 Ejecución del Semestre Europeo 2014 Mise en œuvre du semestre européen 2014 Attuazione del semestre europeo 2014 Wdrożenie europejskiego semestru w 2014 r. Implementation of the 2014 European Semester Written by Marcin Szczepanski Member States’ economic policies are coordinated at EU level through the … Continue reading

Discharge to the Council and European Council

6 language versions available in PDF format Entlastung für den Rat der Europäischen Union und den Europäischen Rat  Aprobación de la gestión del Consejo y del Consejo Europeo  La décharge au Conseil et au Conseil européen Discarico al Consiglio e al Consiglio europeo Absolutorium dla Rady i Rady Europejskiej Discharge to the Council and European … Continue reading

Topics and links – September 2014

Update: This post is available in all EU languages – please see at the bottom of this post. In this issue: Scotland’s referendum, hearings of Commissioners, Sanctioning MEPs’ behavior, association agreement EU-Ukraine, free trade agreements TTIP/CETA.   In September 2014, citizens’ topics of particular interest ranged from the EU’s external relations (Ukraine, Russia) and trade … Continue reading

#EPHearings2014: Meet the Commissioners-designate!

Updated on 16 October 2014 Hearings of Commissioners-designate seem like a standard practice in modern democracies, however, it was not until the Maastricht Treaty that the European Parliament finally obtained the power to formally vote on the appointment of the Commission as a whole. The first such hearings took place in 1995. Interestingly enough these … Continue reading

Topics and links – August 2014

Update: This post is available in all EU languages – please see at the bottom of this post. In this issue: ISIS terror and humanitarian disaster in Iraq, tensions between Russia and Ukraine, Israeli-Palestinian conflict, independence of the judiciary in Turkey, TTIP negotiations. Recent international conflicts were the dominating issues in the correspondence of citizens … Continue reading

Israeli-Palestinian conflict: violence escalation in Gaza

Updated on 28 August 2014 / available in English, French and German. Israelisch-palästinensischer Konflikt: Gewalteskalation im Gazastreifen Conflit israélo-palestinien: escalade de la violence à Gaza In the light of the recent violence escalation in Gaza in the context of the conflict between Israel and Palestine, some citizens requested information about the position of the European Parliament, and … Continue reading

Topics and links – July 2014

Update: This post is available in all EU languages – please see at the bottom of this post. In this issue: MH17 aircraft disaster in Ukraine, Escalation of violence in the Gaza Strip, TTIP and TiSA negotiations, MEPs statute. The Malaysian aircraft disaster in Ukraine and the escalation of violence between Israel and Palestine were … Continue reading

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