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Understanding initial coin offerings: A new means of raising funds based on blockchain

Re-starting tourism in the EU amid the pandemic

Mental health and the pandemic

EU-UK relations: Difficulties in implementing the Northern Ireland Protocol

Understanding delegated and implementing acts

Protection of animals during transport: Data on live animal transport

Distortive foreign subsidies regulation: A level playing-field for the single market [EU Legislation in Progress]

Protection of animals during transport: Guidelines and research

The Slovenian Parliament and EU affairs

Understanding EU action against human trafficking [Policy Podcast]

The European Education Area and the 2030 strategic framework for education and training [Policy Podcast]

European Peace Facility – Investing in international stability and security [Policy Podcast]


Outcome of the meetings of EU leaders, 24-25 June 2021

Priority dossiers under the Slovenian EU Council Presidency

Data Governance Act [EU Legislation in Progress]

Community sponsorship schemes under the new pact on migration and asylum: Take-up by EU regions and cities

Asylum in the EU: Facts and Figures

Computerised system for communication in cross-border judicial proceedings (e-CODEX) [EU Legislation in Progress]

EU climate action in ocean governance and fisheries policy

Recovery plan for Europe: State of play

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