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The coup in Niger: Consequences for EU policies in the Sahel

Niger: another Sahel country hit by a coup

Peace and Security in 2023: Overview of EU action and outlook for the future

BLOG 6 months ago

The Cotonou Agreement and its future: a new era for EU-ACP relations

Sudan crisis: Developments and implications

Charting a course through stormy waters: The EU as a maritime security actor

Reporting on SDG implementation: UN mechanisms and the EU approach

SDG 2 – zero hunger, and EU action against hunger and malnutrition [Policy Podcast]

Future Shocks 2022: Safeguarding EU and global food security

Human development in Putin’s Russia: What the data tell us

Understanding COVAX: The EU’s role in vaccinating the world against Covid-19

Understanding the EU’s approach to a new partnership with Africa

Cities in a globalised world: Exploring trends and the effect on urban resilience

Ten composite indices for policy-making

The external dimension of the new pact on migration and asylum: A focus on prevention and readmission [Policy Podcast]

Amending the European Fund for Sustainable Development [EU Legislation in Progress]

World Food Programme: Food for peace

Understanding the EU Strategy for the Sahel [Policy Podcast]

Understanding SDGs: The UN’s Sustainable Development Goals [Policy Podcast]

A new association of the Overseas Countries and Territories (including Greenland) with the European Union [EU Legislation in Progress]

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