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Women in parliaments

Reform of the Dublin system [EU Legislation in Progress]

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BLOG, EP Answers 7 years ago

Fight against corruption

Organised crime in the European Union

The rights of LGBTI people in the European Union

Policy Cycle, PUBLICATIONS 8 years ago

European Council Conclusions: A Rolling Check-List of Commitments to Date – November 2014 update

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Topics and links – July 2014


Adapting the EU copyright rules to the digital transformation

German Constitutional Court decisions on EU anti-crisis measures

Legal protection of brands in EU Law

Role and election of the President of the European Commission

Policy Cycle, PUBLICATIONS 9 years ago

European Council Conclusions: a rolling check-list of commitments to date

Brand protection: new trends in EU case-law

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Topics and links − June 2014

European trademark law and the freedom of speech

Italian Presidency of the Council of the EU

EP-Commission Joint Transparency Register

Rules on political groups in the EP

Size of Political Groups in the EP (2014-2019)


Update on the European Commission’s REFIT Programme

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