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Understanding EU action against migrant smuggling

Ten issues to watch in 2021


Uniform and fair asylum procedures at the EU borders have not been achieved

Reforming asylum and migration management: A shift towards greater solidarity? [EU Legislation in Progress]

Hotspots at EU external borders: State of play

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Citizens’ enquiries on the situation in the Moria refugee camp in Greece and on the EU’s asylum and migration policy

Recent migration flows to the EU

Tackling the coronavirus outbreak: Impact on asylum-seekers in the EU

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Plenary round-up – Brussels, April 2020

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Citizens’ enquiries on the situation at the EU’s external borders with Turkey following a large attempted influx of migrants

Solidarity in EU asylum policy

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European Parliament Plenary Session March I 2020

Family reunification rights of refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection

Migration and border management: Heading 4 of the 2021-2027 MFF

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Citizens’ enquiries to the European Parliament in 2019

European borders [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Plenary round-up – Brussels, November I 2019

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European Parliament Plenary Session – July II 2019


Area of freedom, security and justice: Cost of non-Europe

The Future of Europe debates in the European Parliament, 2018-19: A synthesis of the speeches by EU Heads of State and Government

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