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Adapting to new digital realities: Main issues and policy responses

Europe’s online encyclopaedias: Reliable knowledge for all in the post-fact era?

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Europe’s challenges in 2018: Ten issues to watch

Disinformation, ‘fake news’ and the EU’s response

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EU support for media freedom – looking East: Turkey, Western Balkans, Eastern Partnership, Russia

‘Fake news’ and the EU’s response

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How will evolving global shifts impact us in 2017?

Ahead of the EU-Ukraine summit: Increasing pressure for progress

Iceland ahead of the parliamentary elections

Belarus’s parliamentary elections: Déjà vu?

Imports of Belarusian textile products [EU Legislation in Progress]

Strategic communication: the EU’s response to invasive narratives [Policy Podcast]

Safety of nuclear installations in Belarus [Plenary Podcast]

Ukraine — in limbo between crisis and transformation? [Policy Podcast]

Supporting Ukraine between crisis and transformation – Ukraine Week in the European Parliament

Understanding propaganda and disinformation

Truth, lies and disinformation — beyond Russia and Ukraine

Ukraine after Minsk II: the next level

Minsk peace agreement: still to be consolidated on the ground

Who wants to arm Ukraine?

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