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EU rural development policy: Impact, challenges and outlook [Policy Podcast]

What if deepfakes made us doubt everything we see and hear? [Science and Technology podcast]

BLOG 3 weeks ago

Conference on the Future of Europe: Values and rights, rule of law, security

BLOG 3 weeks ago

Conference on the Future of Europe: Health

BLOG 1 month ago

Conference on the Future of Europe: European Democracy

BLOG 2 months ago

Conference on the Future of Europe: Migration

Understanding initial coin offerings: A new means of raising funds based on blockchain [Policy Podcast]

Mental health and the pandemic [Policy Podcast]

What if we chose new metaphors for artificial intelligence? [Science and Technology podcast]

Understanding EU action against human trafficking [Policy Podcast]

The European Education Area and the 2030 strategic framework for education and training [Policy Podcast]

European Peace Facility – Investing in international stability and security [Policy Podcast]

BLOG 3 months ago

New STOA series of podcasts on artificial intelligence, in partnership with the OECD Global Parliamentary Network

What if objects around us flocked together and became intelligent? [Science and Technology podcast]

Matching priorities and resources in the EU budget: Climate action, migration and borders [Policy Podcast]

Alcohol labelling [Policy Podcast]

The external dimension of the new pact on migration and asylum: A focus on prevention and readmission [Policy Podcast]

What if consumers could use devices to sequence DNA? [Science and Technology podcast]

European Pillar of Social Rights: Gothenburg, Porto and beyond [Policy Podcast]

Belgrade-Pristina dialogue: The rocky road towards a comprehensive normalisation agreement [Policy Podcast]

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