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Inside the New European Bauhaus: How to design and build a more sustainable future?

What techniques, materials and skills will be needed to foster a better future in the wake of the global pandemic? This was just one of the questions raised during a European Parliamentary Research Service (EPRS) online roundtable on the ability of the New European Bauhaus initiative to pool expertise and ideas from architects, urban planners, designers and citizens, on building a more sustainable future. Continue reading

The future of crop protection in Europe

STOA’s latest foresight study, ‘The future of crop protection in the EU’, examines the environmental, societal, health and economic impact of deploying new crop protection practices in the EU. Continue reading

European Parliament Plenary Session – October II 2020

Parliament’s second plenary session in October will be the first ever to be held entirely virtually, due to the ongoing pandemic. Continue reading

European Parliament Plenary Session, March II 2019

European citizens are running out of patience with companies and people who do not pay their fair share of the taxes that support services for everyone. The agenda for Parliament’s second plenary session of March opens with a debate on Monday evening on the report of Parliament’s TAX3 Special Committee on the progress made and the work still to do to tackle financial crimes, tax evasion and tax avoidance. Continue reading

Plant protection products: Friend or foe of future farming?

The STOA workshop ‘Farming without agro-chemicals’, which took place on 6 March 2019, gave participants an opportunity to gain a better understanding of the impact of plant protection products (PPPs) on food production, and the perspectives of all the different stakeholders in the discussion on PPPs were explored. Continue reading

EU Sustainable Energy Week promoting sustainable energy across Europe

Written by Gregor Erbach, The highlight of the EU Sustainable Energy Week #EUSEW16 is a three day conference in Brussels and brings together some 2 300 experts, entrepreneurs and policymakers. It takes place at a time when the EU is busy with preparations for implementing its commitments under the Paris Agreement on climate change. The … Continue reading

Planned obsolescence: Exploring the issue

Written by Jana Valant, Although no overarching definition of planned obsolescence exists, the term ‘planned obsolescence’ (of products or technology) is described as the intentional production of goods and services with short economic lives, stimulating consumers to repeat purchases too frequently. The incandescent light bulb with an engineered shorter lifespan (the Phoebus cartel case) is … Continue reading

European Union pension systems: adequate and sustainable?

Written by David Eatock One in four European Union (EU) citizens currently depend on their pension income. Younger citizens will one day benefit from pensions too. And they also have an immediate interest, as the taxes and social security contributions working age people pay help support current pensioners. However, pensions are one of the biggest … Continue reading

A research and innovation agenda for European urban areas and cities

Written by Mihalis Kritikos Follow the event via webstreaming or join the discussion on Twitter with #UrbanSTOA In the 21st century, the world enters the urban age; in which the urban half of the global population is responsible for around 80 % of global economic activity. The European Union is more urban still, with 75 … Continue reading

A changing environment for Greenland

Greenland, a self-governing territory within the Kingdom of Denmark and one of the Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) associated with the EU, is seeking new sources of revenue to develop a more self-sustaining economy. It faces major challenges given its remote location, heavy economic dependence on the fishing industry, weak infrastructure, high unemployment, alarming drop-out … Continue reading

Sustainable Agriculture

Sustainable agriculture has been defined as an integrated system of plant and animal production that will last over the long time, satisfy human food needs, enhance natural resources, use efficiently of non-renewable resources, sustain economic viability of farms and enhance the quality of life for farmers and society as a whole. It is the practice … Continue reading

The EU commitment to sustainable cities

Most current environmental challenges have their origins in urban areas, but it is also these same urban areas that bring together the commitment and innovation needed to resolve them. In recent years, the EU has sought to explore ways in which urban and environmental policies can be integrated in order to promote and develop sustainable … Continue reading

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