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More than 500 blog posts in 2013 – what’s your favourite?

e-Cigarettes, EU-US relations post-NSA and pre-FTT, Eastern Partnership – we had them all! Another year has passed and our blog…

e-Cigarettes, EU-US relations post-NSA and pre-FTT, Eastern Partnership – we had them all! Another year has passed and our blog featured plenty of hot topics in the European Parliament in 2013.

220.000 all time views and more than 500 blog posts in 2013 made it a great year for us. Out of these +500, there is one blog post that made a lasting impression on each of us. Let’s put them in the spotlight. Best-of is so yesterday, this year we show you our favourites – those blog posts that the people behind the blog liked best.

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Bestblogpost2013Mitja Mitja: European women and crisis
“I chose this post because it gives a truly unique view on the crisis. A great selection of stunning data, easy to read, nice visuals – for me, this is simply a role-model analysis!”
 Clare1  Clare: Organised crime
“I thought I knew all about organised crime, it’s always on the bestsellers list and all over cinema and TV. Yet this briefing shone a light in some very dark corners of some aspects of European organised crime I hadn’t known even existed.”
 Bestblogpost2013 Lucy Lucy: The “Glass Ceiling”
“This is my favourite post because of its topical nature. Gender balance in politics especially has always been of personal interest to me and this keysource shows the way to all current integral documents and studies on the subject.”
 Bestblogpost2013 Isabel Isa: European Cultural and creative sectors as sources for economic growth and jobs
“In the crisis, the culture industries are often far from the spotlight for all of us. However, this post shows us the potential of creative talent and intellectual property to boost local and regional development.”
 Verena2 Verena: African development
Africa week was my highlight, as it sheds light on China’s growing impact in several African countries. When travelling through West Africa, it struck me that “Made in China” was omnipresent. The photo in the post was taken in Serrekunda where the local kids greeted us cheerfully every morning.”
 Bestblogpost2013 Eric  

“OK, these acronyms are not the most appealing, but you’ll be amazed by the world they reveal. I had been a trainer for years and I really believe in lifelong learning – so I am really happy to see all these people sharing their knowledge online in such creative ways – for free!”  
 Sarah  Sarah: The 2014 EP elections: will the “lost” generation find its way to the polls?
“2014 will be all about the EP elections. I am curious to see whether the so called ‘lost’ generation will go voting, and if so, how they will influence the political landscape. The data presented in this summary gives us some indications.”

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