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Tax rulings and state aid – literature

Written by Veronika Kunz and Teresa Garcia Lopez The Special Committee of the European Parliament on Tax Rulings and Other…

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Written by Veronika Kunz and Teresa Garcia Lopez

The Special Committee of the European Parliament on Tax Rulings and Other Measures Similar in Nature or Effect (TAXE) “will look into tax ruling practices […], but will also review the way the European Commission treats state aid in member states and the extent to which they are transparent about their tax rulings.

Tax rulings and state aid - literature
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The concept of tax rulings is one not necessarily known to the average citizen. The OECD glossary of tax terms defines an advance ruling as “a letter ruling, which is a written statement, issued to a taxpayer by tax authorities, that interprets and applies the tax law to a specific set of facts.

In its press release about specific transfer price arrangements of 11 June 2014 the European Commission went further and explained that “tax rulings as such are not problematic: they are comfort letters by tax authorities giving a specific company clarity on how its corporate tax will be calculated or on the use of special tax provisions. However, tax rulings may involve state aid within the meaning of EU rules if they are used to provide selective advantages to a specific company or group of companies.”

Special note should be taken of a statement from the 1998 Commission Notice on the application of the State aid rules to measures relating to direct business taxation, namely that “every decision by the administration that departs from the general tax rules and benefits individuals leads in principle to a presumption of State aid and must be analysed in detail.”

The collection of material below is intended as a supporting tool for following the topic of tax rulings.

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Articles and papers

Tax Havens: International Tax Avoidance and Evasion / Jane Gravelle, Congressional Research Service, 15 January 2015.

Advance Tax Rulings in Perspective: A Theoretical and Comparative Analysis / Benjamin Alarieet al., New Zealand Journal of Taxation Law and Policy 20(4) , 2014, pp. 362-389.

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