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China and Europe [What Think Tanks are Thinking]

Written by Marcin Grajewski, China has recently taken centre-stage in many global debates, as the volatility of its stock market…


Written by Marcin Grajewski,

China has recently taken centre-stage in many global debates, as the volatility of its stock market and currency have posed a question mark over the health of its economy, which has implications for international and European economic growth.  The growing importance of China was highlighted last year, for example, by its increasingly active foreign policy and the inclusion of the Yuan in the International Monetary Fund’s currency basket.

The European Union faces strategic choices in its often complex relationship with China – such as whether to grant the country market economy status or to proceed to a bilateral trade agreement, and how far to emphasise human rights when many EU Member States are competing for Chinese inward investment.

This note offers links to recent commentaries, studies and reports from major international think tanks on relations between China and the EU, as well as on economic and political developments in that country with global implications. More studies on the topic can be found in a previous edition of ‘What Think Tanks are thinking’.

China and Europe

The EU–China Bilateral Investment Agreement: Between high hopes and real challenges
Egmont, February 2016

China, the yuan and the IMF: Double or quits?
European Council on Foreign Relations, February 2016

How Brussels should deal with the question of China’s Market Economy Status
Mercator Institute for China Studies, January 2016

Stirring up the South China sea: Oil in troubled waters
International Crisis Group, January 2016

China’s balancing act: Why the internationalisation of the renminbi matters for the global economy
Overseas Development Institute, January 2016

The EU and China: Redressing an unbalanced relationship
European Centre for International Political Economy, January 2016

No end of history: A Chinese alternative concept of international order?
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, January 2016

China’s new foreign politics: Xi Jinping’s universal rule by virtue?
Finnish Institute of International Affairs, January 2016

The impact of China’s economic situation on Europe
Fondation Robert Schuman, December 2015

China’s challenge: Expanding the market, limiting the state
Cato Institute, December 2015

Is China–Russia energy cooperation a pipe dream?
Egmont, December 2015

China’s foreign direct investments within the ’16+1′ cooperation formula: Strategy, institutions, results
Centre for Eastern Studies, December 2015

China: Hitting the middle income wall
European Council on Foreign Relations, December 2015

China’s security activities extend beyond Asia
Polish Institute of International Affairs, November 2015

China’s climate promises under economic pressure: Scenarios and implications
Mercator Institute for China Studies, November 2015

Europe’s response to China’s activism: Balancing hope and fear in the new age of global economic governance
Clingendael, October 2015

Trans-Pacific Partnership: Should the key losers – China and Europe – join forces?
Bruegel, October 2015

A partial success of trade cooperation within the ’16+1′ formula: The case of food exports to China
Centre for Eastern Studies, October 2015

Internationalising the currency while leveraging massively: The case of China
Bruegel, October 2015

The EU‐China bilateral investment agreement in negotiation: Motivation, conflicts and perspectives
Kiel Institute for the World Economy, October 2015

Is Europe to benefit from China’s belt and road initiative?
Istituto Affari Internazionali, October 2015

The rise of ‘Chermany’: Germany and China, the big winners in economic globalisation
Real Instituto Elcano, October 2015

Mapping EU-China relations
Mercator Institute for Chinese Studies, European Think Tank Network on China, September 2015

China’s inroads into the West
Chatham House, September 2015

Germany and China: Embracing a different kind of partnership?
Centrum für angewandte Politikforschung, September 2015

Europe scrambles to benefit from China’s 21st-century silk road
Carnegie Europe, September 2015

The EU’s human rights dialogue with China
Global Public Policy Institute, August 2015

China, the EU and one belt, one road strategy
Jamestown Foundation, July 2015

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