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EU energy policy [What Think Tanks are Thinking]

Written by Marcin Grajewski, On 30 November, the European Commission unveiled its ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans‘ legislative package, which…

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Written by Marcin Grajewski,

On 30 November, the European Commission unveiled its ‘Clean Energy for All Europeans‘ legislative package, which it hopes will mark a major step twards creating an Energy Union that ensures a functioning internal market in  gas and electricity, addresses security of supply issues, promotes renewable energy sources,  encourages  energy efficiency and sharply reduces greenhouse gas emissions. The Commission expects these various measures to mobilise up to 177 billion euro of public and private investment per year from 2021, generate up to one percent increase in economic output over the next decade and create 900,000 new jobs.

This note offers links to a selection of recent commentaries, studies and reports, from some of the major international think tanks and research institutes, which discuss EU energy policies. More papers on the topic can be found in a previous edition of ‘What Think tanks are Thinking.’

Energy Union

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Europe de l’Électricité: Une perspective historique
Institut français des relations internationales, November 2016

Lithuania’s strategic use of EU energy policy tools: A transformation of gas dynamics
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, September 2016

Do we have aligned and reliable gas exchange prices in Europe?
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, April 2016

The EU power sector needs long-term price signals
Centre for European Policy Studies, April 2016

Europe’s Energy Union: Foreign policy implications for energy security, climate and competitiveness
Chatham House, March 2016

EU’s Energy Union strategy: Challenges and opportunities
Institute for Development and International Relations, March 2016

The State of the ‘Energy Union’: New tools for EU integration, awaiting political steps
LUISS School of European Political Economy, February 2016

L’Union de la dernière chance: Trois questions pour trois constats sur l’union de l’énergie
Institut français des relations internationales, February 2016

New and ambitious or just more of the same? The Energy Union at a crossroads
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, February 2016

Energy union and EU global strategy: The undefined link
Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, November 2015

Big Brussels is watching you? Enhancing transparency in EU external energy deals
Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, November 2015

The EU Energy Union: More than the sum of its parts?
Centre for European Reform, November 2015

Energy Union, a vast, far reaching project
Fondation Robert Schuman, November 2015

Security of supply

Nord Stream 2: A legal and policy analysis
Centre for European Policy Studies, November 2016

Quelle politique énergétique dans un environnement aussi incertain?
Institut français des relations internationales, November 2016

The Nordic countries on Nord Stream 2: Between scepticism and neutrality
Centre for Eastern Studies, October 2016

Single gas market energy security in the Visegrad states: Models, challenges, perspectives
National Centre for Strategic Studies, September 2016

Shaping the future of energy
European Union Institute for Security Studies, July 2016

Energy security risks and the case for natural gas diversification
Center for the Study of Democracy, July 2016

Les exportations américaines de gaz naturel: De nouvelles règles du jeu sur l’échiquier européen
Institut français des relations internationales, June 2016

The future of natural gas: Markets and geopolitics
OCP Policy Center, Istituto Affari Internazionali, May 2016

EU security of gas supplies: Solidarity runs through the pipeline
Institut français des relations internationales, Clingendael, May 2016

Toward an Eastern Mediterranean integrated gas infrastructure?
German Marshall Fund, May 2016

Energy across the Mediterranean: A call for realism
Bruegel, April 2016

Sustainable energy security: A transatlantic opportunity
Heinrich Böll Stiftung, April 2016

Nucléaire: L’heure des choix
Institut Montaigne, June 2016

Why Russia’s economic leverage is declining
Transatlantic Academy, April 2016

Dividing the EU with energy? Unpacking Russia’s energy geo-economics
Finnish Institute of International Affairs, March 2016

V4 – Energy security and energy markets: Challenges ahead
Central European Policy Institute, Wilfried Martens Centre for European Studies, December 2015

Nord Stream 2: Policy dilemmas and the future of EU gas market
Norwegian Institute of International Affairs, February 2016

Rethinking the security of the European Union’s gas supply
Bruegel, January 2016

The European neighbourhood and the EU’s security of supply with natural gas
Jacques Delors Institute – Berlin, January 2016

European energy security and the role of Russian gas: Assessing the feasibility and the rationale of reducing dependence
Istituto Affari Internazionali, December 2015

Russian energy policies revisited: Assessing the impact of the crisis in Ukraine on Russian energy policies and specifying the implications for German and EU energy policies
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, December 2015

Energy transition, infrastructure, climate change

Going local: Empowering cities to lead EU decarbonisation
Bruegel, November 2016

Will new technologies change the energy markets?
Forum for research on Eastern Europe and Emerging Economies, October 2016

You can’t deliver a new EU by avoiding energy and climate change
E3G, September 2016

Europe needs crowd-based innovation for a competitive energy transition
Notre Europe – Jacques Delors Institute, September 2016

Business model for cross-border interconnections in the Mediterranean basin
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, June 2016

EU foreign policy in a changing climate: A climate and energy strategy for Europe’s long-term security
E3G, June 2016

A roadmap to enhanced regional energy policy: Cooperation in south east Europe
Centre for European Policy Studies, April 2016

EU transition towards green and smart mobility
Clingendael, April 2016

Energy Union choices: A perspective on infrastructure and energy security in the transition
E3G, March 2016

More security, lower cost: A smarter approach to gas infrastructure in Europe
E3G, March 2016

For a harmonisation of hydropower regimes in European Single Market
Robert Schuman Centre for Advanced Studies, January 2016

The evolution of European traded gas hubs
Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, December 2015

The challenge of completing the EU internal market for natural gas
Swedish Institute for European Policy Studies, November 2015

Climate and energy outlook: Policy challenges and choices that will shape our common future
Friends of Europe, November 2015

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