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The EU and migration [What Think Tanks are thinking]

Written by Marcin Grajewski, At their meeting in Malta on 3 February, 2017, EU heads of states and government endorsed…

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Written by Marcin Grajewski,

At their meeting in Malta on 3 February, 2017, EU heads of states and government endorsed further objectives to ease the migratory challenge, with a view to stemming irregular migration flows through the central Mediterranean route. The plan foresees ‘immediate operational measures’ focused on training and supporting the Libyan coastguard in an effort to interrupt people-smuggling and to increase the number of search and rescue missions. As regards returns, the EU wants to ensure adequate reception conditions for migrants in Libya, with help from UNHCR and the International Organisation for Migration.

This note offers links to recent commentaries and studies on migration from major international think-tanks and research institutes. Earlier papers on the same topic can be found in a previous edition of ‘What Think Tanks are thinking’, published in September 2016.

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EU external migration policy: In the kingdom of the blind the one-eyed man is king
European Policy Centre, February, 2017

The European Border and Coast Guard: Addressing migration and asylum challenges in the Mediterranean?
Centre for European Policy Studies, February 2017

New EU partnerships in North Africa: Potential to backfire?
Migration Policy Institute, February, 2017

Turning the tide
Clingendael, February 2017

Valletta-Gipfel: Weitere Weichenstellungen für die Zukunft der Europäischen Union
Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, February 2017

The integration of immigrants and legal paths to mobility to the EU: Some surprising (and encouraging) facts
Centre for European Policy Studies, January 2017

Terrorist threat and refugee crisis: French and German answers
Notre Europe, January 2017

Offshore processing of asylum applications: Out of sight, out of mind?
Centre for European Policy Studies, January 2017

Sending migrants back to Libya? Possibly counterproductive
Clingendael, January 2017

Welcome, migrants make Europe stronger: Caritas’ practices for an inclusive Europe
Caritas Europa, December 2016

Climate change, migration and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development
Overseas Development Institute, December 2016

Towards strategic migration and refugee policies in Europe
Notre Europe, December 2016

The EU-Turkey March 2016 agreement as a model: New refugee regimes and practices in the Arab Mediterranean and the case of Libya
Istituto Affari Internazionali, Stiftung Mercator, İstanbul Politikalar Merkezi, Foundation for European Progressive Studies, December 2016

Flüchtlingspolitik in Nordeuropa: Die nordischen Länder gleichen ihren Kurs immer stärker an, doch Unterschiede bleiben
Stiftung Wissenschaft und Politik, December 2016

L’Europe et les réfugiés en 2015 : une crise de la mémoire?
Institut français des relations internationales, December 2016

Resettlement of refugees and private sponsorship in Ireland
European Migration Network, Economic and Social Research Institute, December 2016

Migration: A crisis Europe can’t keep out
Institute of International Relations Prague, December 2016

“El año de los refugiados”. Anuario CIDOB de la inmigración 2015-2016
Barcelona Centre for International Affairs, December 2016

The EU’s migration policy in Africa: five ways forward
European Council on Foreign Relations, December 2016

EU-Asylagentur: “Wettlauf nach unten” stoppen
Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, December 2016

The « reinforcement » of Eurodac: surveillance at the service of border control and not of a fair asylum system
European Association for the Defence of Human Rights, December 2016

Free to move: The costs and consequences of restrictions on migration
Institute of Economic Affairs, November 2016

The law and practice of solidarity in the Common European Asylum System: Article 80 TFEU and its added value
Svenska institutet för europapolitiska studier, November 2016

Did 2016 mark a new start for EU external migration policy, or was it business as usual?
Instituto Affari Internazionali, November 2016

The EU-Turkey deal and its implications for the asylum capacities of EU border countries
Instituto Affari Internazionali, November 2016

Towards a whole-of-society approach to receiving and settling newcomers in Europe
Migration Policy Institute, November 2016

Upgrading the EU’s Migration Partnerships
Carnegie Europe, November 2016

Money talks: Mapping the funding for EU external migration policy
Centre for European Policy Studies, November 2016

From conflict to equilibrium: The construction of a common ground for social and political consensus on migration
Vision Europe Summit, October 2016

Beyond crisis management: The path towards an effective, pro-active and fair European refugee policy
Vision Europe Summit, October 2016

From fragmentation to integration: Towards a “whole-of-society” approach to receiving and settling newcomers in Europe
Vision Europe Summit, October 2016

France and Germany in the refugee crisis: United in diversity?
Notre Europe, October 2016

Success or failure? Assessment of the Readmission Agreement between the EU and Turkey from the legal and political perspectives
Institute of International Relations, Prague, October 2016

Moving beyond crisis: Germany’s new approaches to integrating refugees into the labour market
Migration Policy Institute, October 2016

Referendum on the refugee quotas in Hungary: Protection of sovereignty or much ado about nothing?
Institute of International Relations, Prague, October 2016

Visegrad bloc and the EU’s future: Grand aspirations behind anti-immigration stances
European Policy Centre, Belgrade, October 2016

Flexible solidarity on migration: What can we expect from Visegrad?
Central European Policy Institute, October 2016

A tale of three cities: New migration and integration realities in Istanbul, Offenbach and Tangier
German Marshall Fund, October 2016

Pangloss in Brussels: How (not) to implement the Aegean agreement
European Stability Initiative, October 2016

Protection through mobility: Opening labor and study migration channels to refugees
Migration Policy Institute, October 2016

Integrating refugees into host country labor markets: Challenges and policy options
Migration Policy Institute, October 2016

Visit the European Parliament page on ‘Migration in Europe‘.

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